First CoachForce21 Partner Meeting Kicks-off the Project in Leeds!

The first partner meeting of Erasmus+ funded project CoachForce21 took place in Leeds in February, attended by partners from Trainerakademie Köln (Germany), Czech Olympic Committee, Hungarian Coaching Association, Polish Sport Institute, Coaching Portugal, SAVAL (Professional Coaches Association of Finland) and POPA (Hellenic Federation of Sport Coaches and Trainers).

CoachForce21 will build on the work of previous projects which have led to significant changes to coach education and coaching policy across Europe to recognise sport coaching as a profession. It will also provide the tools for the development of a stronger network of Coaches Associations to help “the voice of the coach” be heard louder and clearer in the Social Dialogue in Europe.

The first meeting gave the consortium the opportunity to become familiar with the roles of their specific organisations, and the expected intellectual outputs of the project:

– The EU Coaching Landscape Baseline Report

– European Coaches Associations MAP: Presence and Impact

– Coaches’ Representation Case Study Collection

– European Coaching Council Position Statement on the Professionalisation of Coaching

– Principles and Guidelines of How to Set Up a Coaches’ Association

– Principles and Guidelines for Good Governance in Coaches’ Associations

– Principles and Guidelines to Strengthen the Voice of the Coach in the Social Dialogue in Sport

– CoachForce21EU Engagement Online Platform

Project Director Sergio Lara-Bercial said:

“This is a very important project that will go a long way to enhance the recognition of coaches in the EU towards professionalisation”.

Project CoachForce21 is co-funded by an Erasmus+ Sport grant and brings together nine organisations from across the European Union to conduct research and develop practical tools to promote and facilitate the recognition of coaching as a profession.

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