Exclusive Invitation to Project CF21 International Event and Coaches’ Seminar in Athens, February 2020

We are delighted to invite you to the first international event of the CF21 Project in Athens on 14th February 2020.

The Athens event will be attended by CoachForce21 partners Leeds Beckett University (UK), ICCE, Czech Olympic Committee, Hungary Coaches Association, Trainerakademie of Cologne (Germany), the Polish Sports Institute, Portuguese Sports Coaches Confederation, Professional Finnish Coaches Association, and POPA.

Other important organizations are also invited to attend this important event, including: International Olympic Committee, European Commission, WADA, ASOIF (Association of Summer Olympics International Federations), National and International Sports Federations, Higher Education Institutions, European Coaches Associations, National Coaches Associations, Governmental Sports Organizations (Ministry of Sports, General Secretariat of Sports) and representatives of other related Erasmus + projects.

The international event will take place on Friday 14th February and will involve Coaches Associations, Federations, Unions, Single Sport Associations, Sport Ministries and General Secretariats of Sports from neighbouring countries. Distinguished speakers from the coaching field will be invited to speak on the issues covered by CoachForce21. The title of this event will be: "The Future of Coaching - Coaching in the 21st Century".

Participation is free, and a limited number of international participants might benefit from free one-night accommodation. Please contact Karen Livingstone to register for the event at

Please see the event programme here for more information.

To view the invitation letter in full, please click here.

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